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About Us

AR-Wine is dedicated 100% to wines from Spain, with a focus on producers from emerging regions (and some re-emerging ones!) that are making spectacular wines. We source them and we strategize to sell them, through our direct network in New York, as well as import and distribution partners.

Each AR Wine producer makes wines that transmit something true about their origins: perhaps its their soils, the experience of their vines, or a perspective on winemaking. In 21st-century Spain, this means something different in every region and winery, as new generations work to recuperate and re-imagine the potential of diverse landscapes laid out over centuries of grape growing.


There is no set criterion for the wines we select. It is not possible for a wine importer or salesperson to know better than farmers what it means to farm well, or to explain to winemakers what it means for a wine to be good. What we look for is energy and vitality, an electricity in our mouths when we drink the wines... We know it when we feel it!


Through AR Wines, it is possible to savor the explosive potential of the Sierra de Gredos, reconsider conventional notions about the famous Priorat DOQ, and engage with mystical zones like Ribeira Sacra and Rias Baixas in Galicia, or La Palma in the Canary Islands, whose modern-day identities are just now being formed.


Up-to-date content, in-depth research on the ground in Spain, and a commitment to transparency are the foundations of AR Wine. (Ask us anything! Tell us if we got something wrong!)


To learn from our producers and to directly relay their knowledge, passion, and personal styles to our customers is the reason AR Wine exists. Please click on producer names for profiles of their projects and wine details.


And please drop us a line with questions or comments any time at!

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